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Information Technology

Education within a college and/or university alone no longer guarantees you a good job. The current job market is more competitive than it has ever been, and Family Reunion offers a genuine internship experience that will not only prepare you for today's job market, but will also help transform you into an asset for any company YOU choose to work for. Classes pertaining to your major are no substitute for real world job experience and this internship does not consist of typical thankless and menial work, but provides a true hands-on experience through direction and personal management. Completing this internship experience will help put you at the top of the list among job candidates.

Desired Skills:

  • Knowledge of Microsoft, Mac, and Linux operating systems
  • Basic understanding of email
  • Completed at least two years at a college or university with a major in Information Technology or a related major
  • Strong analytical, problem solving, and research skills
  • Strong writing skills

Duties Include:

  • Maintenince of all company computers
  • Resolving all hardware/software issues including malware removal
  • Presenting new technological information to the office staff
  • Providing technical support to company employees
  • Constant communication with company hierarchy
  • Collaborating with other interns and group projects
  • Researching new technology useful to the organization
  • Writing reports on IT maintenance and presenting them to the management team
  • Compiling a portfolio of completed assignments at the end of the internship

By the end of this training the trainee will have learned to:

  • Maintain and update Microsoft, Mac, and Linux systems
  • Maintain network uptime and security
  • Provide technological support
  • Participate as part of a team, on shared assignments, and projects
  • Deliver presentations to the organization on technological subjects
  • Work with a mentor and establish a relationship where regular appraisal/evaluation offers opportunities to give and receive feedback
  • Use project management techniques
  • Utilize leadership and teamwork skills
  • Prepare/deliver personal presentations
  • Improve communication skills

Length Requirement:

The position is open for as long as the student would like, but a minimum length of 12 weeks, 21 to 35 hours/week is required to receive a Certificate of Completion and a Letter of Recommendation from Family Reunion.


This position is open to students enrolled at any college or university or a graduate looking for real world experience. The students' interests must lie in I.T., computer networking, or related fields.

College Credit:

While this is an UNPAID internship, student interns will have an opportunity to receive college credit. Contact your undergraduate advising officer for more information on academic credit.


Students wishing to apply for the internship should email resumes to For more information, please call 1-661-829-6847.