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About Family Reunion


Enough is enough. It’s time to give children whose parents divorce, separate, or were never married -- a voice. Time to speak up for what is in the best interest of children and families.  Family Reunion educates the public, media, and lawmakers on the importance of “shared parenting,” that grants both parents equal rights, responsibilities and parenting time – while benefitting children.

Family Reunion is a national, non-profit organization that is dedicated to creating public awareness through educational programs, videos, media, social networking campaigns, and advocacy programs outlining the issues created by destructive family laws and policies and the current adversarial court system that discounts one parent.

Family Reunion works with existing organizations, experts and individuals dedicated to making much-needed changes to the destructive family court system so that the children’s best interests can be supported. The organization consists of committees that offer resources and assistance for those needing help.

Family Reunion also reaches out to decision-makers at the State and Federal levels, as well as, civil rights organizations in order to educate them on the social pathologies children face due to the current laws and policies that encourage dishonest behavior by parents who use unjust leverage to gain full custody of the children.

There must be change. The time is now. It's time for Family Reunion! 

Our Mission:  The future of our society lies in our children, and the key to that future rests primarily with stability within families. Family Reunion is a 501 c(3) organization whose mission is to reunite families that have been separated due to divorce, separation, or by destructive family laws and policies.                       

Our Goal: Our goal is to assure that healthy families are the foundation of communities and society.

Men's E-News is a project of Family Reunion.